Hi There! I'm Melvin, a 3D Game Artist & Level Designer


My work consists out of vehicle designs, level designs and various in-game props. They're the things I love creating.

Rigging Job Crane Vessel

Rigging Job Unity Screenshot

Mad Kitty

Imperial Crate

Unity Metal Platform Level


Wooden Planks



GREED Mod - Sword of the stars

GREED Mod - Sword of the stars

Holo Table

Elis Class Battlemech

About Me

It all started on the age of 16, I kept looking for more than just the game. Playing games in engineering school, I accidentally loaded a 3D model into 3dsmax, which made me wonder how it would be to send my creation into playable games. It started something completely new. My passion for games drove me further than just the game.

You name it, I create it. The best moment is when I see my creations come to life in the game engines.